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Packaging Metal Detectors

  1. Aluminum Foil Packet Metal Detector

    We develop innovative metal detector systems for aluminum foil packets etc. They effectively detect metals contaminants in aluminum-packaging-products. Equipped with advanced magnetic sensor, these systems work with high sensitivity. They can perform/detect at high temperature as well. Ideal for Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries.
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  2. Food Packets Metal Detector

    Metal detectors for food packets are perfect for the aim of consumer protection. They provide impressive protection against non-ferrous and ferrous metals etc. Easily installed in the food production process, they ensure safety, reliability and productivity. The systems can be used for applications like bakery products, sausage product, dairy products, spices, etc.
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  3. Jumbo Bag Metal Detector

    A jumbo bag metal detector is designed to be rugged, efficient and high-sensitivity. It is designed for metals detection on large-size bags. With advanced sensing techniques and proven design, this system offers high levels of safety, efficiency and throughput. Some common features include: multifunction, sophisticated user interface and high protection/inspection.
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  4. Luggage Metal Detector

    A baggage metal detector is suitable for numerous security & customs applications. It's an advanced inspection system, used in critical infrastructures, post offices, airports, and mass transit stations. Also, our systems comply with global safety & health standards. They have the concepts of ergonomic design, highest level inspection and efficiency.
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  5. Metal Detector for Flexi Packet

    We design, engineer & manufacture perfect metal detectors for flexible packets. These are outstanding electromagnetic inspection devices for final product line. With compact size, long-term reliability and high energy-efficiency, we offer unique technological solutions. Operate in safe & effective way, our systems ensure maximum protection.
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  6. Metal Detector For Bottle

    We present the ideal metal detector system for bottles & liquids etc. It is designed to suit your production line. The system ensures safety, smooth production and easy changeover. Also, they are configured to meet any bottle size. There are perfect set-ups for all product types. Our metal detection system provides optimum detection performance for all types of metal contaminant.
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